About Us

Our Vision

To have a thriving, healthy, safe community that values our culture and traditions while pursuing and encouraging sustainable economical and personal growth opportunities.

The Birch Creek Tribal Council is a federally recognized tribe formed under the Indian Reorganization Act. The Birch Creek Tribe is the modern governing body of Birch Creek Tribal lands and tribal members.

The Denduu Gwich’in were a nomadic people and have traditionally occupied the Yukon Flats area south of the Yukon River for thousands of years, but have only in fairly recent history settled to where Birch Creek is today. Birch Creek was founded and used as a seasonal camp by the great Chief Birch Creek James in the early 1900’s, and it was with the establishment of a school in the 1950’s when Birch Creek became a permanent town.

Birch Creek IRA Constitution